If you have a question that is not address below, please contact us through email and we will respond with an answer to your question. We may likewise post your question with the answer among the list of FAQ's below. 


1Smart Car Wash FAQ's include: 

How long will the service take?

Wash services take 30 - 45 minutes, depending on the vehicle and type of service, plus waiting time which varies on how many people are in line ahead of you. For individual service times check out their pages from the main menu.


What make the 1Smart Hand Car Wash better than others?

At 1 Smart Hand Car Wash, we invest time and effort into cleaning your car and other vehicles as we truly care. We go to great measures to provide the best services on the Gold Coast, ensuring your car is spotless before returning it to you. Additionally, we also care about you, which is why we work quickly to provide the best facilities to ensure that you are comfortable while awaiting your washed car. 


Is the Smart Hand Car Wash a "touchless" car wash?

At 1Smart Hand Car Wash, we use non abrasive foam textile based material and 100% safe biodegradable shampoos to gently wash and clean your car. In addition to exceptionally cleaning your vehicle, the premium foam wash material also has a polishing effect on the painted surfaces of ur vehicle. 


What kind of chemical or soap do you use?

All of our soaps and cleaning products are acid or caustic free, and are biodegradable. They are safe for your vehicle and for the environment. 


Will my alloy wheels be okay?

Alloy wheels will be 100% okay. 1Smart Hand Car Wash does not use any acid or acid-based cleaning solutions on the wheels or any part of the car. We only use soft cloth washing material and high pressure spray nozzles, so your wheels are perfectly safe.


Is a cracked window a problem?

It is usually very safe to wash your vehicle with small cracked in your windshield with hand-washing, but the cracks and chips can expand from the change in temperature during the wash process. Our staff will notice you if there are any concerns.


Is the was safe for freshly painted cars or for new cars?

Absolutely! We use soft cloth wash materials and mild cleaners. However, the paint should be allowed to cure before washing - consult with your body shop for curing times. Paint on new cars is fully cured before delivery.


Do you vaccum or clean the inside of my car?

The cleaning / vaccumming of the interior of your car is totally dependent on the depending on the service package chosen. 


Is it okay to leave my valuables in the car?

1Smart Hand Car Wash is not responsible for ANY valuables left in your vehicle while on our premises, during the wash process or not. If you are concerned about anything that is left in your vehicle, please remove it before turning it over to our employees.


Can you remove pet hair from the interior?

Our staff make every effort to remove as much pet hair as possible; however, dog hair is especially difficult to remove from fabric seats, carpets and mats.]


Will the wash remove egg, overspray, or bird droppings?

Usually not unless you get to the car wash before it dries. If it occurs, flush as soon as possible with water. Egg is highly corrosive and MUST be removed immediately. Corrosion damage to your finish begins almost immediately. Bird droppings are also very harmful and must be removed quickly before they damage your finish. Left on too long, they can result in permanent damage. Overspray from paints or other chemicals may come off in the wash, depending on how long they have been present. 


Will the wash remove road tar or tree sap?

Usually not. Some road tar will come off in the wash and we try to get as much off as possible. However, if it is too much, our staff will give you an estimate for removal.


What payment options do you accept? 

We accept cash and all debit and credit cards such as VISA, Master Card, American Express and  EFTPOS. If unsure, please ask a team member or the store manager. 


Will the wash remove bug?

At 1Smart Car Wash, we work tiredlessly to satisfy our customers. As your vehicle is hand-washed, bug remains are guaranteed to be removed!


Can I make a booking?

As well as simply coming in whenever suits you, we also take bookings for wash services, which you make directly with the store manager.


Can you give a quote over email?

The service pages have indicative pricing, however as prices can vary depending on vehicle size and condition. In addition to giving a quote onsite after inspecting the vehicle, it can likewise be emailed if preferred. 


Can I get a discount for multiple vehicles?

Absolutely! Store managers are happy to discuss setting up accounts which may include discounts for regular washing.


Will you come to my home or office to wash my car?

Achieving the highest quality finish requires equipment that cannot be easily moved, so all of our services are carried out at our sites.Pickup and return of vehicles, however, are offerred - conditions apply. 


What if I'm not happy with my wash? 

If you aren't satisfied for any reason, speak with the store manager before leaving the site and they'll fix it for you on the spot.


My 4WD is tricky to clean, especially underneath. Can you help me? 

Absolutely. Our hoist car was is the first of its kind in Australia, allowing us to lift your car and thorougly wash it from top to bottom. This technique is useful for properly cleaning any car! In addition, we offer various detailing options suitable for different needs. 


Do you only wash cars? What type of vehicles do you wash? 

Absolutely not. We provide washing and detailing services for a range of other vehicles including vans, motorbikes, boats and trucks. If you can get your vehicle to us, chances are we can wash it.
* Note: If your vehicle is a car, you don't even have to get it to us, thanks to our pick up/drop off service! 


Do you wash convertibles?

Absolutely! - make sure your roof is properly latched


Do you offer any special deals for loyal customers?

(Answer) - something like this [Yes. For every five washes you have with us, we’ll give you a sixth wash free. The free service will be consistent with the level of service you regularly get from us – so if your usual carwash is a premium, your free carwash will be too!

  • We also provide a 15% discount for pensioners, veterans, and students.]



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